Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bill Gates Spills The Beans in His 2015 Annual Letter and You Won’t Believe What He Has In Store…

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Minimally Conscious State' Suddenly Speaks

Awakening the Third Eye – Be Careful What You Wish For

Lakes in Greenland Completely Drain in Just Weeks

Children That Emerged From Underground Realms - A Parallel World?

Did Bigfoot Really Visit Minerva in 1978?

Skinwalker Encounters - Part II

Daily 2 Cents: Reptilian in Seattle -- Famous Last Words -- Witchdoctor 'Truth Potion' Kills School Bus Driver

Bipedal Canine: Gillam, Manitoba

Arcane Radio Presents 'Government Encounters With Sasquatch'

Friday, January 23, 2015

Factory farming model to blame for outbreak of deadly pig virus

Downloading Information from the Field through Inner Silence

The Business of Sickness, And Why We Must Protest Until It’s Stopped

Why Should We Choose Organic over GMO Foods

How We Banned Fracking in New York

Interdimensional Quantum Physics: Sacred Geometry

In a Capacity for Love

These 7 Things Happen To You When You Die

Breaking!! Gog and Magog Sign Military Pact! Is The Final Stage Being Set For Armageddon? Bible Prophecy on Fire!

Monsanto agrochemicals cause genetic damage in soybean workers – study

Christian mom "outraged" over alleged school bus pentagram

Comparing Organic With Conventional Milk is Apples to Apples

Monday, January 12, 2015

7 Superfoods that Taste Amazing

Farmers Rise Up Against Monsanto

Why Radiation Therapy Causes More Harm Than Good

Powerful Video About the Impact of Over-fishing

ISIS is a Goddess From the Polytheistic Pantheon of Egypt

12 Ways to Rid the Planet of GMOs and Monsanto's Roundup

Sailing the Sea of Change

Pull Back The Curtain And What Do YOU See?


Sunday, January 4, 2015

If Your Doctor Insists That Vaccines Are Safe, Then Have Them Sign This Form

Our Justice System Requires Us To Punish Wrongdoers. What If There Were a Better Way?

How Trees Communicate

Transformation One Chakra at a Time

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (video)

11 Reason to Put More Avocado to Your Diet

Completing Evolution

Reincarnation: The Eastern View

Mysteries That Rewrite Human History

Do We Really Live In Dangerous Times, or Does It Just Feel That Way?

Depression: It’s Not Your Serotonin

The most censored health news stories of 2014

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mind over matter: Can you think your way to strength?

Human Race Being Terminated by ‘Scientific Suicide’

Prove To Anyone That Fluoride Is Bad For You…. And Dumbing Society Down!

Do Hidden Opiates In Our Food Explain Food Addictions?

The Top 10 Most Popular Natural Health Stories of 2014

The Universe in a Nutshell (video)

Everything That Should be Said About DMT (video)

Connecting With Nature Increases Vitality and Wellness

5 Trends You Will Intensify in 2015

5 Ways to Stay Mindful in 2015

A Powerful Mindfulness Meditation for a Spiritually Positive New Year

7 Things Truth Seekers Should Stop Doing in 2015

Waking Times’ Top 20 Most Popular Articles of 2014

Daily 2 Cents: The Evil Eye of Envy -- Car Turn Signal Lodged in Man's Arm For 51 Years -- How Could a Woman Just Vanish?

Did Ancient Aliens Impart Advanced Astronomical Knowledge to the Dogon Tribe?


‘Dreamings’ and place – Aboriginal monsters and their meanings

The World’s Largest Clairvoyance Experiment Has Begun

72 Possible Signs of Alien Abduction Detalied by Abductees

Bigfoot Group Photographed Near Arizona Highway?

Lofa: Legendary Ogre

Vivek Wadhwa: The Future is Bright, if We're Cautious (video)